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MicroMonsters (W.I.P.)

MicroMonsters (W.I.P.)

MicroMonsters is a turnbased multiplayer strategy game where you get to create your own army containing cute dragons, clumsy skeletons and powerful wizards! The goal is to eliminate the enemy’s army with your strategic skill and your monster’s abilities. Every single one out of 18 micromonsters has a unique ability; some are supportive, some disruptive.

Bear in mind that everything is still under development and therefore all images are temporary!

In MicroMonsters, you create your own little MicroArmy with card-aesthetics and typical deckbuilding rules. Each “deck” has a so called commander, which is the single strongest unit in your deck. While there is no visual difference between any other unit and your commander, they are way more powerful and can dictate the pace of your game and strategy you want to take.

[We will present the commanders at a later point]

With your commander selected, you fill your deck with two other unit types: knights and pawns. While the knights are more powerful units, you can have more of the same kind of pawn. Since the knights are more powerful, you can only take so much of them at once. On top of that, you have a maximum army size that you cannot exceed.

Other than the deckbuilding, the game will feature multiple maps with different layouts and sizes. Every map contains terrains, which will affect the gameplay one way or another; either through hindering mountains, toxic swamps or refreshing meadow fields. These terrain fields apply different effects, therefore watch out on what terrain you want your units to rest at the end of a round! One example layout would be this:

Terrain description: yellow tiles are neutral plains, blue ones are toxic swamp, the greens are flower meadows and orange means mountain tile